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posting this for Rae....

Hi everyone!  athenewolfe  and I, raemcn , are looking for artists who would like to join the Fang Fetish Awards Team and create gorgeous award banners. We decided the best way to do this would be by holding an art challenge. Come on, you know you want to show us your amazing talent.

The top two or three winners of this challenge will become part of our art team which is run by two of the most talented ladies in the fandom, kargrif  and edgehead73 

Below are the criteria to follow for the challenge and under the cut, just so you know exactly what you are signing up for, is an explanation of an artist’s duties at Fang along with examples of some of the awards we’ve given out in the past. Remember this challenge should only be done by those who are seriously interested in being taken over and indoctrinated into the Fang Fetish way of life, which includes lots of silliness mixed with working on things we all already love to do.

Show us what kind of awards you would make for our winners and runners up by creating a winner award banner for each of these three prompts. You have until December 31st, so get to work!

Disclaimer: None of these fic prompts below are real. I just made them up.

Prompt 1:
Category: Best Gen Fic
Winner: The General by Me (Potential Slayers and Buffy centric) Summary of fic: What the potentials really think about their commander and chief.

Prompt 2:
Category: Unique Universe (crossovers)
Winner: Frick! That Thing Bites by Me (x-over w/Scrubs, Spike/Elliot) Summary of fic: Elliot Reid finds out that not all patients are of the human variety.

Prompt 3:
Category: Vampiric Best Dark
Winner: Blood Flows Freely by Me (Xander/Angelus/Drusilla) Summary of fic: Can Xander’s mind and body withstand being captured and held prisoner by half of the Scourge of Europe?

Find the rest of the details here....

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New Community!

click me!

There's a new community dedicated to Xander
Any pairing (alone, het, slash, friendship)
All media (art, fiction, videos and more)
Any season

So come check it out, and if you love Xander, join us!

Also here are icons and banners of assorted sizes for anyone that would like to pimp as well.
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Little Fic_Banners Poll

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long between posts but some personal/health issues have kept me from concentrating on any of my communities for a while.

I wanted to do a quick poll to see what you guys thought. I'm hoping to pump some life back into the community.

I've kept this community closed to 'joining' other than artists (others can 'friend' without joining) so that only artists can make posts for requests. I've done this so that when artists make posts that the writers could see the artists work and see if they liked the style of the artist.

I've toyed with the idea of opening the commuity to allow writers to post requests for banners but with that option comes a couple of issues:
1) that the writers will be frustrated if their requests go unanswered.
2) that the writers might get 1 or more banners for the same fic by different artists and may or may not be happy with the results and may or may not want to use banners that are made, opening the artist up to hurt feelings. I don't want to open anyone up for hurt feelings or put anyone in a awkward position of having to refuse a banner made for them that they don't like or feel doesn't match the story.

So I wanted to get the communities thoughts on this.

Poll #1221837 Fic_Banners Poll
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Fic_Banners Membership Options

Open the community to all posters?
Leave the community as is?
No preference either way
Tickey boxes! Cool!